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Ethiopia/Eritrea: Communication

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 It can be said a lot about the subject of language and communication but here in this blog we have pointed out the major and official languages spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Amharic is the dominant and official language of Ethiopia. It’s a Semitic language much influenced by the Cushitic language with which Amhara people have been in close contact.

Whereas Eritrea does not have any official languages but English, Italian, Tigrinya, and Arabic are languages which are commonly used in official communication.

Tigrinya and Arabic were the official languages from 1952 to 1956 and continue to be the foremost second languages, Tigrinya among the Christians and Arabic among the Muslims.

Eritrea is generally considered to have nine ethno-linguistic groups. Each of these has their own language:

• Afar,
• Arabic (spoken by the Rashaida),
• Beja
• Blin,
• Kunama
• Nara
• Saho
• Tigre and
• Tigrinya

Ethiopia has 84 indigenous languages. English is the most widely spoken foreign language. A third language, Oromigna is used by the Oromo people (They are the largest single ethnic group in Ethiopia, at 32.1% of the population according to the 1994 census, and today numbering around 40 million) living mostly in western Ethiopia.

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