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Ethiopia and Eritrea: Background on Country of Origin

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Ethiopia is a republic in northeastern Africa on the Red Sea; formerly called Abyssinia and was never colonized, but in 1935 suffered terribly at the hands of Italy’s army as a prelude to WWII.

The country was ruled from 1930 until 1973 by the Emperor Haile Selassie. In 1973, the Emperor was removed from power by a group of army officers who established a oppressive Marxist military regime.

Along with the oppression came drought, famine, a secessionist movement in Eritrea, and other conflicts.

Ethiopia and Eritrea (achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1993) are now separate countries, but culturally are similar, and considered the same by some sources.

Major cultural groups living in Ethiopia comprise the Amhara and in western Ethiopia, the Oromo.

In Eritrea, Tigreans are the most common group. Other groups living in Ethiopia/Eritrea include the:

• Afar-Isas,
• Somalis,
• Wolaitas,
• Sidamas,
• Kembatas, and
• Hadiyas

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